Donald Trump’s Steady Rise Threatens The Republicans

Donald Trump's Steady Rise ThreatensThe Republican Party is at the power center since 2010. There was not an iota of power regarding the seat of power until recently after the GOP grip. A report from the NPR congressional by Susan Davis reveals that the rise of Donald Trump could be a cause of concern for the Congress. According to Susan Davis, the popularity of Donald Trump is raising questions that no one would have imagined six months ago. Will the Democrats take over the White House? The chance of Democrats in the words of Denny Heck is, Democrats will gain seats in the House but the question is how many. There is no doubt about this, and the Republicans will also agree to this in private. Heck added that the need to capture more seats is of a greater consequence given the Trump factor.

Donald Trump's Steady Rise Threatens1Davis finds the Trump factor as mentioned by Heck is about specific voters that are found offensive for Trump. White collared jobs, rise in Hispanic population, and high education levels could be a vital factor in comparison to the previous state. Davis adds that Democrats are favored because they perform well during presidential election years. Again Democrats are not favorite a majority win as Republican were swept to power six years ago. Meanwhile, House Republicans hold a divided view over Trump, and this could affect the race. Some Republicans like Carlos Curbelo from South Florida. The good news is his district has 70% Hispanics. And the general feeling is Latinos will oppose Donald Trump.

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Opinion On No Shutdown Day

No Shutdown DayThe Congress passed a bill to keep the government functioning for the subsequent two and half months. The speaker, John Boehner announced that he will sign off next month end. So what could be packed in this session before Boehner leaves his seat? So, finally there will be no shutdown, but the Republicans do not see it as any achievements. The saddest part is that no one seems to see the positive measures of not shutting down the show immediately. But the bad news the country still lost a week despite being able to push for a two and half month extension.

No Shutdown DayRepublican candidate Ted Cruz puts it differently; he said that Republicans lost on Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, the Republican leadership surrendered by funding the Planned Parenthood. The truth is government funding will run out in Mid-December, and the talk about shutdown will be back soon. It is also believed that it is going to be complicated will more stakes involved. Some of the stakes involve funds for building bridges and new roads, the debt ceiling, tax breaks and budget negotiations. So the question left to be answered is what could Boehner manage before quitting office in October.

Meanwhile, Mick Mulvaney said that it is not advised to pass any important legislations when the new Congress is due. At this stage passing crucial legislations may not have any accountability, feels Mulvaney. The Republicans are of the opinion that the speaker has to take maximum efforts to pass the budget agreement. Meanwhile, the Democrats want to exceed the caps on the domestic program. Boehner has called upon the white house to come up with the best offer ahead of the change in power. Cole adds that it is not possible for new people who are just into the job to start building credibility to manage a big agreement.

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