Diabetes And Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageant

Sierra Sandison has been the inspiration of many suffering from Type 1 diabetes. This Miss Idaho, a Type 1 diabetes patient went viral on the social sites with #ShowMeYourPump hashtag. She walked the ramp with an insulin pump to her bikini. She was on the ramp at Miss America pageant again with the insulin pump clad in her bikini. Despite her reign completed in June last, she is still traveling across the country offering inspirational talks and educating those affected by the disease. She had also written a book named, Sugar Linings: Finding the Bright Side of Type 1 Diabetes.

Sandison adds the book shows the positive sides of the experience she went through with the disease. She opens that Miss Idaho would be impossible if she did not have diabetes. She continues that she was diagnosed if the disease while at the high school. She did not take to insulin pump because she was worried about being disqualified in the beauty contest. But the 1999 Miss America contest was a life changer for her. She saw Nicole Johnson, the winner of the contest wearing an insulin pump and yet was looking beautiful. That is when she decided to walk the ramp one day and hold the crown.

Sandison adds that the disease helped her find her passion. She said it was this disease that took her across the country to educate people on the disease. Former Miss Idaho adds that she is not going to stop her tour. Even after giving up the crown she attended the Children with Diabetes conference held at Disney World. She will be attending other events at New Orleans, California, Minnesota and Illinois. She will be spreading the message through her travel, and now the book will keep her busy for long. Sandison is aspiring to be an entrepreneur in the future and is working in that direction.

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