Poll Results On Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

The NPR polls reveal that the Affordable Care Act has two consequences, it has either helped people or had no effect. According to the polls, around 35% of the adults feel the law has helped the state and 27% feel it has hurt people in the state. Robert J Blendon, Professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis at the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health inform the proportion of the polls is equal. On the contrary, there are Americans who feel the law has not affected them in any way.

Polls were conducted in seven states of Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, Florida, and Ohio. Around 1,000 people were questioned and simultaneously a nationwide survey of 1,002 people was also done using the same questions. Their personal experiences were questioned. The aim was to find out about the quality of health care and the impact of price rise on health care. In the survey 72% were happy with the health care and said they get the best value for their money. On the other hand, 22% disagree. Some see this related to cost increase. Every adult out of six feels the benefits are increased in the last couple of years. Another 12% believe that it is on the decline.

There is a concern on the cost for many. In the national survey, 45% said that insurance premiums are on the rise in the last two years. Meanwhile, 35% of the insured reported rising deductibles and co-pays. The question on cost of health at five different health care centers, most of them felt the cost is reasonable, but there is a variation of cost across facilities.

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